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(Based on a late 1950's brochure)

Capable Chap Wants Varied Work

You've asked for it and you've got it! But its performance will surprise you just the same.

Imagine a little 28-lb. lightweight that costs less than you dared hope. It would be just the job for your 8-ft. pram if that were not Super 40 Plus - Type LSalready taken care of to perfection by the 40 Minus. Designed to start first pull with a lighter pull than ever before and to run more quietly and more smoothly too, it has wonderful flexibility and ease of handling and ticks over as gently as a lamb while you're alongside to load up. You can creep into a crowded jetty or sheer away from some trim yacht's enamelled topside under perfect control.

Open up to full throttle and the engine is transformed. Docility is there still, but it's combined with power a'plenty and the sheer guts to go on and on. The 40 Plus will drive a hefty, half-decked clinker-built, family sailing boat, and do it all day and day after day if need be. It has the power to punch a spring ebb tide and get you home on time for certain - even if you've kept every stitch of canvas set to catch the last faint ghosts of a falling breeze and enjoy the utmost second of sailing time.

The 40 Plus is four or five engines rolled into one; the greatest help towards getting the greatest fun out of a whole host of boats of different types and sizes.

British designers and British manufactures have led the world in many things. 'Messing about in boats' may not be an activity of earth-shaking significance in this age of nuclear fission and electronics yet the BRITISH SEAGULL COMPANY will be proud to be remembered as the firm that first produced an engine of such versatility and thus added so much to the pleasure of so many boat owners. Four years of patient trial and improvement went into it (most firms would have been content with one!) before we were sure enough to go ahead on a big production programme that would bring the price down to rock bottom.

We have made a motor which for sheer boat-driving power per pound of weight is going to be the yardstick for many a long year to come. In doing so we haven't skimped any of the vital SEAGULL features and the model is available with standard or long shaft, standard or long-range tank, bolt-on permanent or detachable brackets.

For 75 per cent of the small boats in use today the widely capable 40 Plus is the complete answer.

Super 40 Plus - Type LS - blue prints

"Super 40 Plus" Type LS
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